If you live in a big city, you know that housing can be extremely expensive. Before I moved here, I paid about $350/month with roommates and $700 in my own place (including all utilities, tv, etc.). Here, an average studio/efficiency in a fairly nice neighborhood is over $1,000, usually not including utilities. I hear that NYC is even more expensive. If you’re dying to live in a big city (and not in the burbs), how can you ever afford this? Be creative! I live with 2 other people in a 2 bedroom apartment. You may wonder how this works. We found an apartment with a dining room, and the rental company agreed to put up a wall and a door, making the dining room into a third bedroom. There is an extra coat closet in the living room, so that’s the closet used for that new bedroom. So, we pay for a 2 bedroom apartment when it really has 3. Split, I pay $850/month with my utilities included, and I’m right own town! Not too bad!