Hanging pictures

If you’re like me, you love your walls covered with beautiful artwork and pictures of loved ones. I feel like my house isn’t my home until I’ve hung each and every item in its own special place. You already know that I’m quite the bargain shopper, so many of my artwork and photos are framed in frames I’ve found at garage sales, thrift stores, trash piles, etc. Sometimes, while interesting, these frames don’t come already prepared with the proper hanging hardware. I could go to the store and buy a hanging kit with all sorts of fancy things to hang my pictures, but that wouldn’t be very frugal. Instead, I have a couple of sodas and use the tabs from the top of the can to hang my frames. All you need to do is hot glue or tack them with a small nail to the back of your frame. It’s an instant picture hanger, and it’s free!

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