The movie industry is huge, and it’s getting rather expensive to go to the theater.  I personally am not happy spending $10/ticket to see a 2 hour movie, not to mention another $10 for a small snack and drink.  I can think of many other ways I’d rather spend that $20.  Even renting a movie is around $4.  I recently joined netflix, and I couldn’t be happier!  I pay $8.99/month for unlimited rentals (receiving one at a time).  You can go as low as $4/month for a limit of two per month.  It’s great – unlimited rentals for less than one ticket to see a movie at the theater.  And the selection is great – I’ve caught up on many TV shows and seen some very interesting documentaries.  And, I can have movie night with my friends, and it costs next to nothing.  So, if you enjoy movies or watching TV on DVD, you should seriously consider a monthly rental club.