I think just about everyone out there has heard of BYOB (bring your own beer/booze).  This is always a good idea if having a party – buying alcohol for a crowd can get expensive, and people understand that.  A few weeks ago, I decided to expand the idea of BYOB and BYOM – bring your own meat.  I love to cook, especially for other people, but I often have to serve dishes that are inexpensive to make.  I simply cannot afford to have 8 people over for steak.  So, one night I made my famous roasted potatoes (very inexpensive) and some asparagus, and everyone brought their own steaks.  I wrapped the steaks in bacon, cooked them, and served them with the sides I had prepared.  It was a great idea – everyone ate a delicious and fancy meal (who wouldn’t love bacon-wrapped filet mignon), and I was able to afford to host all of those people.  Try it out with your friends!