Book Buy Back

For those of you who are students, you may have already experienced book buy back at your campus bookstore. This may be the most depressing day of your educational career! Many text books out there probably cost around $100 when you purchased them for class. Now, the bookstore wants to give you $14 to buy it back (and you know they’re going to resell your used book for around $80). It’s insulting, and it makes me so mad every semester. That’s why I started selling my books online. There are many sites that do this; I happen to use half dot com. It’s so easy – you just list your books and the condition, and you set your own price. You can see the other sellers and use their pricing as a reference point. This usually turns out to be a win-win for you and your buyer. If you list the book for $60/$70, you’re making far more than you ever would have made during buy-back, and your buyer is getting a better deal as well. My biggest piece of advice is to not get greedy. Trust me that even if you price your book extremely low, you’re still getting more than the bookstore would have given you. I always price a few dollars below the lowest seller on the site for a quick sale. Good luck!