Building a wardrobe on a budget

I’m currently in law school looking for summer jobs.  I obviously can’t wear jeans to work like I do to school, so I’m having to slowly build a professional wardrobe that will work wherever I end up working this summer and beyond.  This isn’t easy to do on a student’s budget.  One thing I’ve tried to do is go back to the basics.  This is a good idea for any wardrobe – professional or every day.  I found a few great solid colored suits (and one with very subtle pinstripes).  These suits can go with anything, which is key to building a wardrobe.  Also, I found some that were three pieces – jacket, pants, and skirt.  These are a great idea, as they give you more versatility over time.  I found a few button downs and a few shells – I’ll be able to mix and match without feeling like I’m repeating too frequently.  With an everyday wardrobe, one key piece is a great pair of jeans that can be worn with anything.  From there, try to get some nice solid pieces that are basic cuts and high quality.  These will last you forever – as trends change, you can mix in cheaper pieces of jewelry and clothing to update the look without having to change your key pieces.  Good luck!

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