Going out of business sales

In my hometown, we’ve recently had quite a few businesses closing down.  When they do this, they often offer big blowout sales to get rid of everything.  My advice with these types of sales is to be careful!  Sometimes they actually do offer some really good sales.  We have a clothing department store going out of business right now, and everything is at least 70% off.  I picked up a skirt that was originally $140 for only $14…not bad!  The good thing about this store is that I can see the original price tag and actually see my savings.  I’ve been to closeout sales at furniture stores that have been very sneaky.  I knew for a fact that they had marked items up before “slashing the prices.”  The closeout sale prices ended up being the same or just slightly less than the original price because they marked them up immediately before the sale.  So just be careful at these sales.  Make sure you’ve done your research to know if you’re actually getting a good deal or not.  And don’t overshop – it’s easy to do when the savings are good!

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