I’ve been down at the beach off and on during the last week.  I have fair skin, so I usually expect to get a bit of a sunburn, even if I’m as careful as I can possibly be.  There are great lotions on the market to ease the pain of a sunburn, but they can be very costly.  Most people don’t burn regularly or frequently, so an expensive bottle of lotion that they’ll only use for a few days is not a great expenditure.  Here are a few ideas to try on your sunburn that won’t cost nearly as much.  Individually, you can apply strong, unsweetened iced tea, Witch Hazel, or a paste of baking soda and water.  You can also make your own lotion to sooth a sunburn by combining:  1 c. White Vinegar

5 T. Salt

5 T. Plain Yogurt

2 T. Aloe Gel

Combine until well blended, store in fridge. To use, shake well and then smooth over affected areas.

Just remember, if you ever feel sick, have a fever, or experience chills after a sunburn, consult a doctor as it may be something more serious.

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