Making a tank of gas last

I’ve been doing a lot of driving for the past few days going back and forth to the beach.  I had forgotten how high gas prices have become!  It’s getting to the point where people are having to make important decisions about traveling around town and when it’s actually worth it.  Here are a few tips to stretch that costly tank of gas.  First, if you’re going on a trip, make sure you leave when there is the lightest traffic and stop for meals when the traffic is at its worst.  Constant stopping and starting wastes lots of gas.  Similarly, use your cruise control whenever you can – a steady, constant speed saves fuel.  Next, never let your car idle for more than one minute.  After that amount of time, you’re wasting more gas than you would if you just turned the car off and restarted when you were ready.  Finally, check your tire pressure.  If your tires are low, it can waste as much as 1mpg of gas.

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