I can’t remember if I’ve talked about this yet, but textbooks for school can be unbelievably expensive!  And, as you move into graduate and professional degrees, they only get worse.  I recommend buying your books online to save a little money.  You can buy new books on sites like amazon, usually for less than your campus bookstore.  If you don’t mind a little highlighting in your books, look for used copies of your required books.  These will save you tons of money.  Sites like half dot com and amazon are good places to start your search for quality used books.  Finally, in law school we use two online research services for our legal research.  Both of these companies have online bookstores and give rewards points when you make a purchase.  The points can be used for a wide range of things like designer bags, gift cards, and even airline tickets.  If you’re in a program that has rewards points like these, take advantage of them and order your books using their site.  Might as well get something in return when you spend that much money at one time. Finally, consider setting up a book exchange within your program or major.  That way upperclassmen can sell their books (and get more than the bookstore would give during buy-back) and you can buy their books for much less than the bookstore – it’s really a win-win situation. It can be painful, I know, but be creative in your search…you will definitely save money.

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