In lots of big cities, many people don’t have cars.  I’ve already discussed some of the pros and cons about being car-less in the city.  If you’re like me, everything is bus/metro accessible, so there’s just no need for a car.  Every once in a while though, you may have an errand that requires a car.  I’m lucky to have good friends with transportation, so I’m usually okay, but I don’t want to burn anyone out.  In most cities now, there’s a service called zipcar.  It’s an hourly car rental service, and the fee includes insurance, gas, and parking (a huge bonus in an expensive city).  The cars are placed all over the city, so there’s usually one for pick up within a few blocks of your home.  Many grocery stores, furniture stores, etc. support this service by reserving parking spaces in their lots for zipcar drivers.  There’s a yearly membership fee – I think it’s around $50.  Because I’m a student, my membership was waived.  Lots of companies and schools have this agreement with zipcar, so check on that before you sign up!  Cars start at $7/hour to rent.  It’s a really great solution to those occasional situations where a car is necessary.  I need a few new pieces of furniture, so I plan to get a zipcar to make the trip out to Ikea and to transport my new purchases home.  It’s a great idea and a reasonable deal.  Try it out!