First of all, sorry my entries have been spotty lately.  This new semester started with a vengeance.  Last Saturday, I moved into a new apartment.  It’s a one bedroom, and I’m finally living without roommates.  This isn’t necessarily the most frugal choice, but it’s a matter of sanity for me, so I went for it.  I’ll just have to work a little harder to save in other areas.  One great thing about my new place is the rent is cheaper than most one bedrooms in the area (I found a landlord with a single property rather than a rental company…usually more reasonable).  Even better, all of my utilities are already included in the already low rent.  So, I don’t have to worry about electric, water, gas, cable, internet, phone…anything.  This is really nice – living alone, these costs are obviously higher, so it’s nice not to worry about them.  So look out for these types of good deals – they’re out there, you just have to find them!

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