Money among friends

I was thinking the other day about things that are no longer taboo.  We’ll talk about almost anything with our friends now, but money remains fairly off limits in lots of social circles.  I heard on the news yesterday that bankruptcy is becoming more common than divorce, which is a really scary thought.  I’m wondering if some of our problems come from the fact that so many of us go it alone.  I think it would be good if we could open up about finances with our friends.  I’m not saying we should all walk around with our salaries on a sign around our necks, but we should be sharing ideas about savings, spending habits, debt, etc.  Even if it’s just the embarrassment factor alone, I think it could begin to make a difference.  There’s also so much to learn about personal finances, and sharing experiences could go a long way.  So give it a shot and try to start casually discussing this stuff with your closest friends.  Money shouldn’t be such a taboo subject.