Law School Socialism

You might not expect this to be an entry about frugality, but I assure you that it is.  When I first arrived on campus, I was overwhelmed with all of material they presented me with.  I am only now, six months later, getting through all of it.  One of the most useful pieces of information I found was that there is a Law school-wide listserv that people post items on that they are giving away for free.  It is amazing.  People put their books on there, electronic items, CDs, computer programs, and a variety of other goods.  The books are the best part since everyone follows a similar sequence of courses and law books are really expensive.  The best part about the listserv is that it is called ‘Law School Socialism – Help a J.D. out.’  I already have three hits on some books I listed and I am getting a new set of snack trays.

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