Snobby Restaurant

So I had friends in town this weekend.  I took them to see the sites, making sure they got the limited day Metro passes, and we had a really good time.  I really wanted to take them down below the Lincoln Memorial to see the political cartoons from the 1930’s, but I couldn’t find a friendly enough Park Ranger.  Anyway, we’d just had a great day and decided we should go out for a nice dinner.  One of my friends said he would treat as payment for all my tour guide services.  I’m Ms. Frugal, so of course I said yes.  We find this nice little grille (note the ‘e’) and go inside.  The hostess is shocked to see us.  She shakes her head and says we are under-dressed.  We were all wearing sweaters and hats.  She said we needed ties and skirts.  It is a grille for goodness sakes!  Oh well, don’t waste your time at restaurants who don’t want your business.  The food wouldn’t have been worth the cost anyway.