Plastic Waterbottle

I used to buy 24 or 48 packs of bottled water at the store.  I never realized how wasteful I was being by doing that.  Instead, I spent $6 and bought myself a reusable water bottle.  Not the kind that you see on a bike, but more of a camper’s water bottle.  It is rugged and durable and I could, in theory, hook it onto my bag with the hook it came with.  I don’t plan on doing that.  But it really opens up a lot of options for me.  I fill it up every day before I go to class and I drink it throughout the day.  It has a really large top, so filling it up from the drinking fountain or sink is easy too.  Plus, it helps me get my 5-7 glasses of water a day.  I know that most people don’t believe the benefits of that, but I’m telling you, I really feel the difference.

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