Happy April Fools Day

I thought that I was too old for this day. Playing gags and trying to fool people really has never been my thing. I guess I tried something different today. I went to my meeting of the First Year Law Student Club in tears. I sat down in the corner and pretend to keep crying. All of my friends came up to me and were worried, asking me what was wrong. I, between fake sobs, told them that my boyfriend broke up with me. They were all shocked and upset. They all offered to buy me drinks and flowers and dinner to help me forget about him. I took them up on their kind offers and as the night was approaching an end, I let them know it was an April Fools joke. Everyone laughed except one girl. Oddly enough, her boyfriend really did break up with her today, but she hadn’t said anything about it until the moment. I bought her a drink then and we all inquired about her situation. It was a fun day, I enjoyed the attention, and the free meal and drinks were nice too.

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