Office Max Sale

Days like today make me so happy. I checked the paper last night and found out that my local Office Max was having a great sale today. Now, I don’t need any new office furniture or anything like that. My apartment is pretty well full and I don’t think that I will ever have enough books that I need a fifth bookshelf. Who knows though, Law School really just keeps piling them on. I’ve already gotten my book list for next semester, but that’s a problem for a whole different entry. Back to the good news about the sale.

Despite having the copier code, I still burn through a ton of toner every year. I thought it was bad when I was an undergraduate, but it has gotten substantially worse. The only people I know who have it worse than law students are history graduate students. I met my friend Stephen at George Washington the other day and he had what looked like a 1,000 pages of research printed off in his pack. He informed me that it was actually 1,122 pages of research for his seminar class. But I digress. I went to Office Max because I wanted to get some cheap toner. Now when I say “cheap” I don’t mean it is really inexpensive. Even on sale, each cartridge cost me $34. But that is down from $54 on any other day. The worst part is that I go through about one every two weeks. How that is possible, I don’t really know.

Also while I was at Office Max, I stocked up on paper. I love going in to that section of the story. I stand as far back from the shelves as possible and scan for sales tags. Today it wasn’t as important as it has been in the past, but it was still interesting. I was able to buy a ream of paper for $1.47. Usually I end up going with the $2.99 “any type of copier” paper that always looks white in the store, but has some off-shade color when I get home. Don’t ask me why. I’m not a color specialist. Neither is the guy I asked to help me carry everything to the checkout counter. There were no carts available at the store when I went, if that gives you any indication of how busy the place was.

My only other purchase involved pens. I wrote everything in pencil until I got to law school. Once here, I was told to write in pen so that no one would change any of my work and make my clients lose money. Whatever works. But I really hate the fancy pens and they seem way too over priced for me. Despite most of the stuff I work on being electronic, I still go through a lot of pens. Some are destroyed in disgust while other just run out of ink. I ended up getting the Bic 25 packs. They were .79 a pack. I think those will keep me in business for a while. I love sales so much!