Wet Day at Work

At my super secret internship, in one of the most important buildings in the United States, I got drenched. When I was talking to my mom about this earlier in the day, she couldn’t help but laugh at how pathetic I sounded on the phone. Hopefully it doesn’t come across in the same tone online. Please let me know in the comments if this sounds pathetic. Not that it will really change anything, but just for my own knowledge.

I always dress nicely for work. I mean, I meet incredibly influential people on a daily basis and I would love to be employed by any of these people when I finish school, so I want to leave a good impression. Earlier today I was wearing one of my gray pants suits. I got them on sale earlier in the year at JC Penny’s and they have served me well so far. Unfortunately, as I learned today, they bleed. Terribly. Needless to say that when I got home from work I had to throw the whole pants suit out in addition to my blouse, socks, and undergarments if you know what I mean. Even my skin is tinted a bit gray and I’ve showered four times without it coming off.

Since I’m buying my clothes from Penny’s, I obviously am not worried about spending tons of money. I’m Ms. Frugal after all and really try to stretch my dollar as far as it will go (let me tell you it isn’t going nearly far enough these days). I’ve never had any problem with my clothes before, but after this I might need to spend a little bit more money on them. The tag on the pants suit said that it was colorfast, but obviously, someone made a mistake in labeling it as such. I have a good mind to sue them. Oh, there I go again sounding like a lawyer and one of the kind that I hate.

I would like to say that I got wet fighting against a tidal wave of bad legal advice, but it was much simpler than that. The sprinkler system in my office went off. At first I didn’t know what the beeping was about, I figured fire alarm, but didn’t realize how serious it was until the water came rushing down. I’ve never been in a situation where sprinklers have turned on and I had no idea how much water comes down and in such a short period of time. Now I know even though I wish I didn’t.

It seems that one of the servers in the room behind me overheated. The fan failed or something along those lines. While the server room is full of electronics, the designers of the building saw in their infinite wisdom to equip it with a world class sprinkler system. I found this out because I was in the server room looking for some files on one of the PCs. I didn’t smell any smoke. All I know is that it is already cold in that room and that being drenched in water does not improve the situation.

So there it is. That was my day. I had to spend another three hours at work drying out before they let me go home. My boss apologized that they couldn’t spare me, but I’m quite upset all the same. I wasn’t productive at all for the rest of the day and I doubt you would be if your hair was dripping on to every page of legal text you looked through.

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