Book Theft

I would like to say that everything was going well and good with school this year and to a certain extent, I can.  But my lawmate is not having a very good time.  Her boyfriend left her and she just got all of her books stolen at the Law Starbucks.  I do not understand why within our own group someone is going to rob one another.  It seems that she is now in a serious problem because that first set of books cost her around $600.  She does not have the necessary money to replace all of those and that does not even take into consideration the fact that her wallet was in the bag too.  When all was said and done, she lost around $700 and all of her credit cards, plus the replacement fee for her ID and the keys into the law buildings.

So I told her that we would try to help her raise the money for books.  I went and talked with some of the professors and they said that they would find some old copies and see if they would still work.  I know that at least one of them said that they were going to write into the publisher and see if they could not get an extra desk copy that she could use.  I really love the professors here and they really understand real world issues that we are all dealing with.

As for my own books, I spent around $500 and even though mine were the same books as Jill’s, I paid a lot less.  I used Abe books this year and I am a fool for not having done this the last few goes at this.  The savings were intense and the selection was amazing.  Since most people do not sell their law books back it is not like I can just go on Amazon and buy all the books that I need.  So if you are a law student, I recommend that you go out there and buy your books from  Even if you are not a law student, I think you should give it a look.  It has such an impressive spread.

It seems that this time around, Law School Socialism just is not panning out the way that it did last year.  I don’t know if the new cohort is just a little bit less friendly or if they have not realized how much we are trying to help them out, but they are not contributing or giving us any sort of benefit in return.  They do not even say thank you and that really has irritated everyone that I have talked to.  Maybe it is still just the nerves at the beginning of the year.  Time will tell.