Mid-life Update

Well it has been quite a while since I last wrote anything here.  I would like to blame my busy schedule for that, but I know that there have been other things at work too.  I’ve had some pretty big life changes in the last few months.  The biggest probably, although I haven’t really wanted to deal with it too much, is the fact that I ended my long term relationship of five years.  We’re still friends and we still get along, it just did not work out the way that I thought it was going to.  Thankfully though, I have been able to move on myself and have found a new guy that I’m able to spend my time on.


I’m still working away in law school.  This last term has been pretty hectic, but I like to think that I got through it alright.  Everything still looks like it will work out for me when I get finished up next year.  I have my internship pretty well lined up form where I was working at last summer.  I am still in contact with a number of people over there and they seem to keep pushing for me to come back when I finish up.  I am at the point now where I am supposed to decide what exact area I want to concentrate on for further study.  I know that I want to do advocate law and would like to get involved with the government.  I will probably pursue that route a little bit more and talk with my advisor to see what he says.  I am sure that he will be of great help, as he has been up to this point.


As for my frugal lifestyle, well, that is still in the works.  I have recently been turned on to public concert series in the D.C. area.  Granted, most of them are during the summer months, but there have still been a fair share during these colder days.  I think more than anything, how warm the weather has been lately has been a really nice change of pace from what I thought it would be when I moved up here.  Granted, it is not Florida weather, but it still does not hurt when we have days in the 60s in January.  So far I have seen shows from the Naval Band as well as a performance from the President’s own Army Band.  I know someone from my childhood who plays trumpet for them, so that is why I was able to go in the first place.  I also have a friend who is going to have a piece performed by the Naval Band.  Ahh, the joys of knowing musicians.

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