Redskins Games

I have also found a free and frugal way that you can live in the big city.  Of course, this does not really apply at the moments because the Redskins blew their great chance at making it to the playoffs by letting the wheels fall off at the end of the season.  Alas, next year.  At least The Florida State University Seminoles were able to continue their bowl streak and absolutely crush the Wisconsin Badgers.  Anyway, I found out that if you show up to a Redskins game after the start of the game, even just 5 minutes into the first quarter and are there with someone who has a military ID then you both can get in for $10.  That is such a great deal.


The only other place that I have ever heard about this was down at Old Busch Stadium in St. Louis.  There, however, it was after the first inning and you could get your whole family in on it too.  The same basic theory applied, although it was supposedly free.  As I have never served in the military, or really enjoyed spending extra time down in St. Louis, I never took advantage of the opportunity.  As I was talking about this posting with one of my law colleagues, who happens to be from Milwaukee, I was informed that Miller Park offers the Bob Yueker seats.  These cost $5 and are the highest seats in the park, but they still provide a good view of the field.


Since multiple parks and teams are offering this type of deal as a little bit of payment back toward those who defend the nation, I think that everyone should look into it.  I am not saying you should try to exploit a military ID holding friend, but that they would probably like to know about this information and they might just take you to the game as your reward for helping share such good insight into a frugal life style with them.


Another secret to making sure that you do not break the bank when you go out to the games is to make sure that you do not buy anything at the concession stands.  The prices are all so marked up that you always lose.  Your best option is to bring in some snacks with you from outside of the park.  Everywhere I have ever visited has allowed this.  You can bring in nuts, chips, licorice, or a variety of other foods you can munch on during the game.  You can also bring in water and can usually get away with a bottle of soda if you are sneaky enough about it.  If you want to buy alcohol at a game though, there is no really good day to get it cheaply or easily into the stadium.  I know that at the Redskins game I got patted down by a security guard for any bottles or cans.