Take in a Roommate

This might not be the ideal situation for everyone, and I realize that.  Also not everyone is going to be living in Washington D.C., so maybe you will not have the same opportunities to see people that I do.  As many of you know, Barack Obama won the election in November to become the new president of the United States of America.  How funny that as I typed this up, his name still has not been added to the automatic spell-check function of Word or the Firefox.  Anyway, in the next week or so, everyone on Earth will be flocking to this city to see his inauguration.  The experts are predicting around 4 million additional people will flood into D.C. for the event.  This is on top of the regular people who live and work in the area.


While the city is attempting to get everything done in advance, there are some crazy things going on.  For instance, all of my classes are cancelled.  The private institution that I attend decided it would be pandemonium if we were all trying to get to class and using public transportation.  I have heard that everyone is being advised to use public transportation the day of the inauguration.  However, I have also been informed that despite how good Washington D.C.’s metro is, the best in the nation, it cannot handle an extra 2 million people on it.  It is going to be crazy.


Anyway, while everything is shut down in the city except the inauguration traffic, I have decided to pay some of my bills for the next few months by renting out the extra room in my apartment for the period of three days.  I simply have a fold-out sofa, clean sheets, a few extra pillows, and no access to the kitchen or anything.  There is also a small bathroom without a shower in it.  And yet, a couple on Craigslist was willing to pay me $3,000 for the three days that they will be here.  $1,000 a day for doing absolutely nothing.  I have the days off, so I will be able to make sure that nothing happens to my apartment.  I spoke extensively with the couple and they were very kind on the phone and it sounds like we will not have any conflicts of interest.  Plus, we will all be at the inauguration together, so I will not have to worry about them getting too excited in my place and destroying everything. With all that money, I can pay my rent, utilities, and most of my grocery shopping bills for the next three months.  Yes, this is a frugal and a good idea.  If you live in the area and want to get in on these good deals, get on Craigslist and keep your eye out for people who are looking for a place to stay.  Just watch out for the crazies.