Growing up I used to know it was morning because I could hear the sound of my mom’s spoon clanking on the cereal bowl and because I could hear the screen door slamming shut as my dad came back in with the newspaper.  That was the environment that I was raised in and for the most part, I found it to be quite useful.  I have no doubt that if I had not spent so much time reading the paper when I was a child that I would not have developed my love and interest in law and the desire to change the world in a small way.


Clearly if I am so convinced about the importance of the paper in the morning and reading it around the kitchen table, something drastic must have happened if I am willing to stop my subscription.  Well, I would not say drastic is the right word, but something has changed.  I remember one of the first things I did after I settled into my new place was to set up the delivery of the Post to my apartment door.  They even gave me this nice little plastic mailbox where I have been diligently trudging out every morning to pick it up.  Not anymore.  Two days ago, I canceled my subscription.


I will admit, I have had a hard time getting into my routine the last two days.  Everything has been thrown off, which is actually quite embarrassing to admit, but here it is all the same.  Instead of relying on the physical paper, which has been costing me around $100 over the last year, I am taking a different path.  Even though I recycle it after I read it, I still felt that it was wasteful.  I have now been reading the paper on my laptop every morning.  It made sense.  I spend so much time with my PC in front of me doing work that I can get all the news that I always did and it is free.  Sure, there are a few subscription services that I am missing out on, but for the most part, I never paid attention to those sections anyway.  Hopefully I am able to stay strong and work this new part of my morning into my routine.


While I decided to cancel my subscription kind of out of the blue, I must admit that I have been having second thoughts.  Not about the general idea, but about the timing.  Why would I do this right before the Obama inauguration?  I wanted to have a copy of that paper because I knew it was going to be so historic.  It was the same deal after he won the nomination and then the election.  I have those papers tucked away inside a box inside of my closet.  I am just happy to have them.  I traveled all over town looking for copies the day after it happened and everyone sold out.  That is after the Post printed an additional 100,000 copies.  I heard it was even worse in Chicago and they had to print almost 300,000 more copies.  You would think the editors would know better.  Hopefully I will be able to get my hands on a copy of the inauguration one though.  I need to complete the set.