Free Veterinary Services

As I have mentioned in previous entry, I have splurged a bit in my past my adopting a dog.  I love her very much.  She was abused when I first found her and while I had contemplated getting a different dog, in the long run this cast off that no one wanted and I have bonded more than I ever thought possible.  Plus, I have raised other people’s dogs and because of the quiet and overall good nature of my pet, my friend’s have turned out pretty well too.


Anyway, I have always been of a frame of mind that I do not go to the doctor unless I am really sick.  I do not like to take medicine if I do not have to and I do my best to just keep myself healthy and kicking.  However, when it comes down to Abby, my dog, I do not take any risks.  If she cuts her paw while we are out on a walk or I notice that her appetite is lacking, I usually consult the vet.  This is probably a bit paranoid, but while she is tough, the last thing I want is for her to somehow get an infection and get really sick.  Not only would that cost a lot of money, but it might cost her more than that.  I just cannot risk it.


Whenever I have had friends over in the past, they have always commented on how good of a dog Abby is.  I have thought so myself, but it is nice to have others validate my beliefs.  I wish I could take more credit for raising her, but it was really a joint effort and having her around other dogs and socializing her from the day I got her played a huge part in her current behavior.  One of my newest friends from law school, she is in the cohort a year behind me, grew up in Washington D.C.  Her mother is also a vet who has her office relatively close to where I live.  She is just as close as my regular vet.


I sort of took this girl under my wing because I saw that she was struggling at the beginning of last semester.  I had her over a lot, we went to the library together, and I passed along my old notes from last semester so she could get a sense of how to create her own system for recording the important parts of lecture.  She really turned it around and was really grateful for the help.  So grateful in fact, that she said that her mom has offered to be Abby’s vet for free!  That is great news.  While I am still a bit reluctant about this, because I do not believe you should be rewarded for doing what is right, it is definitely good to have out there as an option.