Promotion Codes

Coupons, coupons everywhere.  Without the hard copy of the paper anymore, I was not sure what I was going to do.  I diligently went through all the ads to stores I shop at on Sundays and clipped coupons which might help me pay the bills or get things cheaper at the mall.  I never said that being frugal was fun and it definitely is not easy, but I think that more and more people are moving in that direction.  I was watching MSNBC one day and I saw this segment on coupon and promotion code websites that have been helping people save money.  I was really impressed with one offering promotion codes.  It is great and seems like it is run by real people instead of just an aloof figure.


The site is really easy to use too, which makes life easier.  I told my mom about the site too and she is not a very technically savvy individual and yet she did not have any complaints, other than wondering why I had not told her about it sooner.  Wish I could have mom, but I only saw the TV spot recently.  You type in the name of the stores or website you want, it has both print out coupons for the supermarket and promo codes for Amazon and many other sites.  One of the best parts is that up in the corner there is a ticker that tracks down how much money the site has saved people.  It is almost at $500,000 and it has jumped up so much in just the short time I have been using it.


You get all the details about the coupons and promotion codes: amount, when it expires, and it lets you enter your own coupons if you happen to have some lying around your house and want to share.  It is almost like a little community, which in times like this is actually a pretty special thing to be able to admit.  As long as it keeps saving me money, I plan to keep using the site.  I try to enter promo codes, too, since I feel like it is my way of giving back to help out others.


So far the best I found was a Macy’s promotion code for $100 off.  While it was only a one time coupon, it worked out great during the holiday season.  I bought my mom this really nice white and red sweater and I think it goes great with the necklace my sister purchased for her.  It was originally $170 and way out of my budget, but with the coupon, I was able to get it down into the $78 range, after taxes, which did not break the bank.  My mom loved it and I felt good knowing that I finally was able to pick out a gift which she really likes.  At least I assume she does.  She wore it twice while she was in town and that was only for eight days!

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