SMOOTH MOVE: Make moving day easy by saving money

Moving day has arrived, and along with saying goodbye to your old place and watching your furniture, tables, chairs and lamps jettisoned from house to another, you also could easily bidding farewell something equally as important: you money.

Buying your first home or moving out from under mom and dads watchful eye is an exciting time, one filled with change, responsibility and growth. In the midst of all the packing, unpacking, paperwork and pleading with your friends and family to help, you might forget just how expensive it can be to move.

Between renting trucks, a U-Haul or hiring a company to do most of your moving bidding, you could easily drop a few hundred dollars on that very day. Most businesses that specialize in moving make a living and a killing on selling moving equipment as well as the rudimentary items you’ll need, such as boxes.

Paying for a box is rather silly, especially if you’ve made it a point to plan ahead for when your moving day is taking place. You can easily collect boxes for free from grocery store, department stores or just about any type of business that gathers inventory on a consistent basis.

If the average person uses 10 boxes, at $4 per box, that $40 could easily be used to help offset the cost of the moving vehicle or even pay for gas to and from old place to new.

Furthermore, why rent a truck if you have friends or family that can help? It also isn’t out of the question to begin moving some small boxes with kitchen utensils, clothing or small furniture in your car in the days or weeks leading up to the proverbial “big” move.

This way, if you need to rent a vehicle, you can skip the largest one possible and go modest in the midst of uprooting all your belongings.

And speaking of all your things, who says you need to take everything with you? Of course, the staples must come, such as TVs, appliances and furniture, but moving often is a good time to start taking stock of what you have, and if it made the cut so to speak to go to the new place.

Cleaning out junk or ditching items you don’t plan on using any time soon saves on truck space, boxes and anything else you might be spending a few bucks on along the way.

You’re already in the midst of a major undertaking by moving, and adding to that stress, hustle and bustle and headache by overspending seems like you’re just spinning your wheels on route to  your new pad.