How to Save Money at Yard Sales

Yard sales are events that homeowners and apartment dwellers hold to earn a bit of extra cash. Some people have yard sales to clear their homes before they move, and other people have yard sales to get rid of items after a divorce. Yard sales have a multitude of useful items that a frugal shopper can snag for an outrageously low price. People sell their books, movies, furniture, clothing, electronics, household appliances and collectibles at yard sales. A person can furnish an entire several-bedroom home with only a few hundred dollars just by visiting local yard sales. Additionally, smart re-sellers can find highly discounted treasures that they can flip for a profit. 

How to Find Yard Sales

Many people notify the community of yard sales by placing flyers on light poles. They may also pin up signs at the local laundromats. Daily newspapers contain yard sale listings in the classified sections, as well. Technologically savvy individuals place their yard sale listings online on websites such as Craigslist. A person who wants to visit a yard sale can use the aforementioned means to find out when members of the community will have them. Most yard sales occur on Saturdays and Sundays. A few scattered families may have them on Friday. An ambitious person could wake up on Saturday or Sunday morning and drive around to find random events.

Bargaining at Yard Sales

The prices of yard sale items are already very low, but there is always room for a person to negotiate. The best way for a person to get a massive discount on an item is to leave the yard sale and come back later in the afternoon. Yard sale sellers will be willing to negotiate by the end of the day because their main purpose is to move everything off the tables. However, a person who does not want to risk losing an item to another buyer must act fast. That person should ask the seller the price of the item. Once the seller states the price, the negotiating party could make an offer that is 50 percent less than the stated sale price is. The seller may accept the offer, decline the offer, or come back with a reasonable midrange price. There is certainly no harm in trying.

Yard sales are amazing for furnishing a new home or gathering supplies and equipment for an office. At least one yard sale occurs every weekend.