How to NOT Spend the Cash Burning in your Pocket

Saving money is a task that is challenging to all consumers whether they are rich or utterly destitute. The presence of cash entices the consumer to shop regardless of that person’s need to pay the bills. Many consumers start out with strict savings plans, but they end up getting frustrated with savings failures and spending the money they have. Clever savings strategies can be fun and fruitful. Sometimes consumers need to plant their funds in a difficult place for it to grow like it should. The following are three clever money saving ideas:

Give It to a Relative

A consumer can give his or her savings money to a close relative each time the paycheck arrives. The person will have to be absolutely sure that he or she can trust the relative in question. The consumer may want to have that person open a savings account in his or her name and then set up work direct deposits into the relative’s savings account. The relative could act as a protector who can stop the consumer from withdrawing the funds prematurely. However, the relative needs to be a person of integrity so that the consumer does not lose any of his or her funds.

Get a Brokerage CD Account

Two kinds of certificates of deposits exist: regular and brokerage CDS. A consumer can save money by purchasing regular certificates of deposits from the bank. Technically, the individual is not supposed to cash in the CD until it matures. Doing so will result in a penalty. The CD cash-out penalties are usually enough to deter people from cashing them early. However, brokerage CD accounts have much tougher stipulations and larger penalties. Therefore, the consumer may want to obtain a brokerage CD for an ironclad protection strategy.

Open a Secured Credit Card

Obtaining a secured credit card is a roundabout way to save money, but it could work. The logic is that a consumer will have to put the money back into the “savings” fund if he or she uses it to avoid bad credit. The person may be less tempted to use a secured credit card than he or she would be with an open wad of money in hand. The consumer could keep the money on the secured credit card until the time comes to cash out. A simple ATM withdrawal will provide the funds from the special “savings account.”

Consumers can think of a variety of clever ways to save money in a way that minimizes the spending desire. The previously mentioned ideas are a great place to start.

Profitable Spring Cleaning

All home and apartment dwellers find themselves ready for spring cleaning at one point or another. Spring cleaning is a process that involves purging oneself of unnecessary household items. Over the years, material items tend to accumulate because of poor organizational skills, impulsive buying, hoarding tendencies and more. Spring cleaning is necessary to bring the number of household items down to a nominal level. Additionally, spring cleaning can be an excellent way to earn extra cash. The following are some tips on conducting profitable spring cleaning:

Choose a Strong Day for Spring Cleaning

A consumer should conduct his or her spring cleaning on a day that will be convenient for everyone involved. Weekends are perfect for people who have traditional 9-5 jobs. The person will want to have a day free of obligations and distractions to conduct the spring cleaning in an organized fashion.

Recruit Friends and Family Members

Recruiting friends and family members is important for simplifying one’s spring cleaning efforts. Not all family members will be thrilled about cleaning, but some of them may be motivated by monetary incentives.

Have a “Trash Doesn’t Exist” Mindset

Spring cleaners must carry a “trash doesn’t exist” mindset. The TDE mindset is one that forces the participants to find a purpose for every item in the house that needs to leave the premises. One man’s trash is always someone else’s treasure. Any item can serve a person an important purpose, and consumers will buy just about anything for a discount.

Offer Electronics, Furniture and Household Appliances for Sale

Cell phones, televisions, microwaves, radios and the like are the most valuable material items in the house. Someone is always looking for such items for a reasonable price. The consumer can offer the items on an online site such as Craigslist or eBay. Someone will respond to the ad quickly, and the seller can use the funds for the good of the household.

See the Value of Used Clothing and Bedding

Sometimes people do not realize the value of old clothing. Clothing that cannot fit one person might fit another person perfectly. Homeless persons, single parents, and struggling residents will appreciate an offer of such clothing. Spring cleaners can sell their mounds of clothes for extremely low prices and still earn a substantial amount of money. Some yard sale sellers offer their clothing items for as little as $.25 per garment. Bedding is equally useful.

Any household can conduct a profitable spring cleaning event. Motivation, organization and creativity are the keys to success.