Why most in debt don’t even realize how much debt they actually have

Dealing with debt isn’t anything new to the masses. Truth is, more than 50 percent of the population is in debt. About 30 percent of that number has debt of more than $10,000 or more.

But as much as debt is part of society and having it has become the norm, where as those who live debt free are the exception to the money management rule.

The real disturbing aspect of debt is that those who have it don’t recognize that it even exists. Call it ignorance feeling blissful or just pretending as though debt and having it is perfectly acceptable, but the fact remains is that the troubling element of not being able to save money and instead borrowing it is that the majority of individuals and families have no idea how much debt they have.

The end result is not only a debt to income ratio that is ridiculously bad, but also a sense that they’ll never get back to even when it comes to money. Even more unsettling is the debt you have may prohibit you from borrowing and thus hinder and downright hurt your credit score.

That score dropping and dipping accordingly comes from such shortcomings that stem from debt such as not being able to pay your bills on time or perhaps pushing your credit card limit to its max.

Whatever is weighing on your credit score, don’t worry. You can raise it quickly and get back up to respectability, particularly if you have a house that you want to buy and a car that you desperately need to get to and from work.

How exactly can you work to raise your credit score quickly?

The first might be to get automatic billing and set up payments that are always paid on time. Something that simple is going to work wonders on getting that score up and you back on track. Furthermore, you might want to start paying down some of your credit cards that are too close to the maximum limit. That will always derail most personal loans 10 times out of 10, but it doesn’t hurt your chances are larger, bigger ticket items, too.

As silly as this sounds, you should apply for a credit card with a modest limit. This will allow you to charge items, but keep in mind the goal is to charge and pay off in full each time. This shows ability to pay on time but more so consistently.

Whatever your debt situation is, you can fix it. Whether you’re talking about $50,000 in debt or a few thousand, it is about not only coming up with a plan to eliminate it but first just knowing exactly where you stand.