House on Hold: Why some expenses at home can be cut

Saving money starts at home, whether that’s clipping coupons for grocery store shopping or spending less on clothing via at second hand stores or online auctions, and anywhere else you can pull together money for our savings account.

But instead of staring blankly at a change jar that gets all those loose pennies, how about really getting serious about saving money and looking a little deeper at household expenses that you really can cut or eliminate altogether.

First and foremost has to be your television, more specifically your cable and internet package. The internet, for your entertainment purposes, might be needed but streaming is the way to go to save money. Cable can easily be eliminated if you’re perfectly fine with getting your news via the internet and not nightly and feeling as though movies and television shows can be enjoyed via Hulu or Netflix. The costs of those streaming services pale in comparison to the enormous amount spent on cable, probably close to five times expensive for cable or satellite.

When was the last time you stood in line, bought something and realized that you just spent anywhere from $50 to $200 on an “extended warranty.” That number grows exponentially when you buy something like a vehicle, too. Extended warranties are typically viewed by the consumer as protection for the “what if.” But most of the time, that “what if” never comes to fruition and so when it comes to lower cost items or even that car, truck or SUV, say no to the warranty. You’ll find if you read the fine print that the extended warranty really isn’t all its cracked up to be.

Often lost in the household expense conversation is the topic of credit cards, fees and interest. If you have a card that has a high interest rate, move it over to another card or focus on paying that one off first. You’ll save hundreds or thousands of dollars in interest that you’re avoiding. Furthermore, if you have credit cards that have annual fees or fees in general that aren’t interest, walk away. No, run. There’s no reason why you should be paying interest on a card along with fees that have no business even being part of this agreement between you and your card.

If you can’t look around the house and see spots where you can save money, then chances are you’re complacent with your budget and aren’t really looking hard enough to in the place where it is easiest to find savings.