Online TV

If you’re extremely busy like I am, it’s easy to get behind on your favorite TV shows. It’s hard to be home at the right time when you have so much going on. You also don’t want to put TV above your social life! My fix for this is watching TV online. I don’t mean itunes, I mean for free! If you catch up on your shows through itunes, you’ll pay around $2 per show. This can add up, and it’s not worth it when you would usually be watching for free on TV. Most channels now have online services allowing you to watch your favorite shows. I’m a big fan of many ABC shows, like Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives – usually around 24 hours after the show airs, I can catch them online. Most stations leave the shows up for at least a few months. So, no need to pay itunes for shows you can get for free…try it out!

Online classifieds

I mentioned in an earlier post that my new apartment was a little barren. It’s not that I don’t have nice things, it’s just a surprisingly huge apartment! I worked for a few years before going back to school, so I had some time to acquire some furniture that made me happy, with the exception of one very important piece…a dining room table. One great way to have a cheap, fun night is game night – I haven’t been able to plan this without the requisite table. I finally decided that my roommates weren’t going to come through for me (even though I’ve provided EVERYTHING in this apartment), so I took it upon myself to find something nice. You know I’m on an extremely tight budget, so I had to be creative. Then, I found the world of online, local classifieds. There are several sites that do this, craigslist being my favorite. You can search by city and by type of item you’re looking for. I’d recommend opening any ad where the people say they are moving. This means they’re usually desperate. Desperation means low prices for you! And remember, you always have room to negotiate. The prices in online classifieds should never be the bottom line. So, lucky for me, I spent about 3 days looking on craigslist and found a great table and chair set listed for $100 total. I bargained them down to $80 with the seat cushions thrown in as an extra freebie. They advertised that they had to be out of their apartment by the weekend (it was Wednesday), so I hit them just at the right moment when they were desperate to sell. It’s a win-win – and now I can finally have my super frugal game night!