Frugal Recipes

I’ve been collecting frugal recipes for a while now and it’s taken me even longer to get them online. All of these frugal recipes are exactly that–low cost recipes that are perfect for the family that wants to eat well on a budget. There’s not a fixed price on each meal like some other sites have but most of them will use ingredients you likely already have around your kitchen. If you see one you like, obviously take it and use it. If you have any that you’d like to donate to my collection I’ll happily taken them, just use the contact form and let me know. I’ve broken down my frugal recipes by their main ingredient to help you sort through them all. I hope to continually add to this list.

Frugal Potato Recipes
Frugal Seafood Recipes
Frugal Deserts
Frugal Breakfast
Frugal Pastries
Main Dishes
Soups and Stews

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