I’m back

I know I haven’t written a post in a long time but I’m really going to try harder to keep new entries coming in.  The problem is that I’m so busy that I forget how little time it takes to update this.  Even though deep-down I know it only takes five minutes (or ten minutes at the most) out of my day whenever I think about updating I feel like it’s going to be some long, drawn-out process so I put it off.  I’ll do better in the future I promise!

Happy August

Happy August everyone!  It’s been a little over a month since I last posted but I am not, contrary to the rumors, dead.  It has been a very exciting time for me–I just got all settled down in my new home–Washington DC.  It’s a really exciting place so you can understand why I haven’t had much time to blog.  More to come!


I have been way too busy packing to move to DC to really have much time for the site.  I probably won’t be blogging for at least another month while I get my affairs in order.  See you then.

Handling WordPress

I’m not a computer geek so I’m just now really getting a feel for how WordPress works.  My boyfriend was kind enough to set this up for me but I feel badly having to ask for help even though I think the questions I’m asking are relatively advanced.  It’s not like “how do I make a new blog”, they’re more like “why can’t edit this or that”.  Today I learned about the templates but without a class or two in HTML I don’t think there’s going to be any major changes.  I really just don’t like the amount of space between the entries and Id like to get that fixed.

Missing Retail

This probably sounds crazy but I miss retail shopping.  Up here there is mostly boutique shopping which means insanely high prices that are well beyond my student budget.  On the bright side, there is a Filene’s Basement but most of their brands are super-brands; in my mind anything nicer than Express or Banana Republic is a super-brand that falls outside of the regular public’s knowledge of fashion and budget.  Even on their discount prices a lot of the jeans were over $120 and that’s just impossible to afford.  Oh well.

My Summer Job

For some extra money this summer I have been working as a copyrighter.  It’s a pretty terrible job–writing manuals for machines and whatnot.  Even though Washington is such an expensive city, the pay isn’t really in-step with the costs of living here.  The job pays about $15/hr, which is about what it pays in Florida.  Everything else in Florida cost about 20% less, so when I moved here I was anticipating being able to earn 20% to compensate for the difference.  Surprise!

Cheap Coffee

I was spoiled in Florida. My boyfriend was a Starbucksaholic and I frequently would reap the benefits of his many daily trips. When I moved up here I learned the closest Starbucks was over a mile away and the thought of taking the metro ($4) to get to one was painful. Because of this I relented and bought a little coffeemaker, a bean grinder, and some flavored syrups. When it’s all said and done the total price of one of “my” cups of coffee is about $0.89 but let’s be honest, it’s pretty disgusting compared to SBUX. Oh well, that’s living on a budget.

No Car = Savings, right?

You would think by not having my car up here I would be saving loads of money on gas.  Not so.  I of course don’t spend any money on gas, but the price of public transportation is not exactly cheap.  I’m able to separate out the fact I’m doing my part for the environment though, so I guess some good does come out of it.  I take the metro to the university shuttle every day and that cost $4.  That’s about 1.50 gallons of gas.  Even if I was getting atrocious gas mileage, I’d still be able to drive the two miles easily for less gas than that.  I guess that’s the “convenience” of the metro, even though it’s not as frugal a convenience as you might think.

Citrus Squeeze

Coming from Florida, I was at first shocked by the cost of citrus fruits up here–about 4x as expensive.  How am I supposed to prevent scurvy at those prices?  After shelling out some big bucks for necessities like orange juice and fresh apples at the local Giant, I finally discovered a farmer’s market about six metro stops away.  Even though it’s terribly inconvenient to carry large amounts of produce back on the metro, if I continue to go every weekend I can easily carry a week’s worth of fresh produce back with me while paying roughly what I paid in Florida.  Also factoring into the equation though is the cost of the metro.  The round-trip fare is about $5.50, or the price of a carton of orange juice at the local store.  Because of this I always make sure I buy my money’s worth at the market.